It doesn’t seem very human to me. I don’t feel like it’s a place that really is there for local residents, especially people who can’t afford to go buy a $15,000 couch.

Wendy Pedersen

The kids can see the bad part of the town and the good part of the town because Gastown is that: It’s a mix.

Themis Velgis

Once [my son] Mikey is four or five, I don’t really want to live [here] anymore. Hastings is a little much for a five-year-old.

Mike Hildebrandt

What I love about Gastown is the sense of community I feel down here.

Shay Washburn

Of all the places in Vancouver, there’s a real self-starting mentality here, between the galleries and the clothing stores, the coffee shops and the restaurants. Gastown’s got this kind of indescribable energy.

Rommy Ghaly

It’s my favourite neighbourhood, not only in Vancouver, but in the world. There’s a real sense of energy, and community and pride down here that’s vacant in many other parts of our city.

Mark Brand